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NHS staff discount

25% discount to all NHS staff on memberships

Simply book in for a free no-obligation guest visit and show proof of employment when you join.

Call 01274 870076 for info

Slimming World® member incentive!

25% off all membership fees plus classes for just £4.50 available to all Slimming World® members

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4 or more looking to get started?

Then you're each eligible for a 25% discount!

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Testimonial Chris Kelly

In just six months I've lost 40 pounds, I'm far leaner now, happier, much fitter and fully back giving my all in the gym.

I've just turned 41 and this is the best shape I've been in for about a decade, I'm not where I want to be just yet but for the first time, I've learnt to enjoy the journey.

My job is crazy hectic and it does cause me stress as there isn't even a daily commute to decompress.

The gym has been my daily sanctuary – earphones in and think of nothing but pushing weights.

PJ's have had in place every necessary precaution and have been fully covid compliant even offering extra motivation where they can through the painful lockdowns.

Testimonial Joanne Clough

I regularly attend PJ's and have been doing for around two years now, I've achieved brilliant results in my weight loss and fitness and my children have even joined too on the discounted family membership so we can all feel great together.

But the first lockdown really floored me, the lack of routine and motivation in both my diet and exercise and I gained 1 stone 7lb's.

At the end of July I was back as soon as the doors re-opened and with the help of the Trainers and other members too, after 12 weeks back I'd lost 1 stone and 6lb's and felt so much better mentally and physically.

In the latest monthly lockdown, PJ's set a challenge to achieve our goals and even threw in a free month of membership for keeping on track, this kept me motivated and I lost 9lb's in the month!

I can highly recommend PJ's for keeping me motivated, keeping things interesting and the friendly, family environment.

Testimonial Saffron Lacy

Since starting PJ's back in August 2019 I began to realise again how much I loved the gym!

I joined PJs to kick start my motivation again and lose some weight but also tone up, I never thought in a million years that I would lose three stone but if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

I attend the gym around 3/4 times a week plus various classes.

Overall, I have lost three stone with PJ's alongside following the Slimming World eating plan.

I couldn't have done it without the support and motivation that all the team here gives you but also all the members are so friendly and it's like we're one big family!

Thank you PJ's let's see what 2021 brings us!

Core Features & Values Caring for you both physically and emotionally through environment and beliefs.

people friendly

People Friendly

We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes to our friendly world of health and fitness - if you have an interest in getting fit, we have an interest in you!

person not sheep

Person - not Sheep

Our members are treated as individuals and benefit from an initial one hour fitness assessment, programme, regular motivating One to Ones and challenging new targets to achieve one common goal, health and happiness

family friendly

Family Matters

We deliver health & fitness for all the family with companies including Baby Ballet, Em-Elite Karate, PSC Football Academy and Taekwondo with Donna.

modern facilities

Modern Facilities

The unique venue is tailored to the needs of our modern health complex which has solid foundations conceptualised by former Bradford City footballer Joe Cooke and his wife Kathryn 39 years ago

MembershipsCompetitive pricing plans to suit your needs - prices from £4.81 per week


from £4.81 /wk*

  • Unlimited gym
  • Discounted classes
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Class Only

from £7.13 /wk*

  • Unlimited classes
  • One hour fitness assessment
  • Nutrition appointments
  • Motivational 1 to 1s
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Gym Only

from £7.13 /wk*

  • Unlimited gym
  • Discounted classes
  • One hour fitness assessment
  • Monthly reviews
  • Regular individually designed programmes
  • Nutrition appointments
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Group Training

from £12.49 /wk*

  • As Platinum +
  • 2 taught sessions a week
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Small Print :

*Stated prices are weekly equivalent for 2 year membership paid in full // shorter term plans available // No joining fee // Group (4+) discounts available // Other discounts available for students, children, Slimming World® members and more

Highly Recommended Member testimonials!

Would highly recommend to any to any of my friends and family...

Adam on // the gym

The staff and the other people who go to the gym are all so supportive and friendly

Angela on // the gym

Our staff members have achieved significant individual results, which have benefited the Company as a whole.

Caroline Illingworth (Depuy international) on // corporate memberships