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Gymnasium Life fitness furnishings by Matrix - safe, convenient, fun!

An excellent personal service provided by our highly qualified, experienced, friendly motivating Fitness Team is all you can expect from us. Well, that and a personal program, regular assessment, nutritional advice and a deep down satisfaction......and your desired results!

Highly Recommended Member testimonials!

I joined PJ's and with the help of one to one sessions and all the fantastic staff from trainers to receptionists encouraging me, I have lost over 6 stones in the 9 months since joining!

Andrew McGuiness on // the gym

.. 2 and a half stone lighter, a comfortable size 12 and my confidence is making a slow comeback!

Jenni Dean on // the gym

Thanks to the time, effort and expertise of the fantastic trainers at PJ's our strength, stamina and definition have improved dramatically.

Douglas Foster, Matthew Johnston and Harry Nicholas on // the gym